About Us


Great interior designs are a work of art. At design extracts Longbell take this art very seriously. Our budget interior designs are inspired by the passion of our customers. We spend a quality time with our customers to understand what they need and we do suggest in return. Our design expertise; create spaces Where life happens! Be it minimalistic designs or country themes or modern interiors, we ensure you get the home of your dreams. The focus of our designs is not only to provide great functionality but also add unique character to homes. We at Longbell is mix of talent expertise and dedication. We are here in this niche to create some benchmarks with our quality and ways of executing. We are known as budget interior designers in Bangalore. We are placed in the magic point of city. You can find our specific 6 ways of doing to be differentiable.

Attention to Detailed Design and Execution.

Things are not limited to placement of furniture and light elements. In order to get the best output. Every detail to be counted and treated the same way. It's all about developing things from the scratch and the right shape and color to create a visual magic.

Low budget Interior Designers in Banglore
Low budget Interior Designers in Banglore

Our Quality Ways of Doing It.

Here we are a group of interior designers in Bangalore. We play It like a Chess. Every step is here too important and decider. We plan things much advanced way. We treat Your Project in a way to avoid every possible mistake and for the best final result.

Our Service Structure.

We are the low budget interior designers in Bangalore with a closed loop model. We try to understand the project and bring it to the end. We create a cycle or a loop. it includes from implementation to installation: the organization of furniture supplies, the purchase of material for decoration, the formation of composition on the couch.

Low budget Interior Designers in Banglore
Interior Designers in Banglore

Using New Ways and technologies.

In this evolving world of technology. We Longbell interior designers in Bangalore are in trend. The projects of Longbell fulfilled considering latest ways and technologies. if you want to be in trend. Then be with us.

Beautiful and Comfortable.

We believe in ergonomic levels and aesthetic in design to be more important. Interior design can create changes and positive impacts in your living. We do our best to make our projects not only stylish but also comfortable. These are our principles of beauty and comfortness.

Interior Designers in Banglore
Interior Designers in Banglore

Extra Edge Express delivery.

We have few more unique edges like, we are budget interior designers in Bangalore and also relatively the express delivery and installation. This could collectively make us better to serve you out.