All Rooms

All Rooms

Here at longbell is open for wide range of house interior projects. we deal in specific and whole and sole areas. all rooms here include kitchen with modular furniture, living area, bedroom area and dining. We come up with a theme based approach, where complete house interior part will lay on a single specific theme. We suggest and try to include customized furniture and modular furniture where ever required.
You can visualize the wide range gallery and portfolio. And can contact us for any queries and enquiries.

House Interior


All the house interior furniture comes with a 5-year warranty for any manufacturing defects. it includes very specific parts like metal drawers, lights, hinges runners, sliders and many such comes under life time warranty of respective company. Any kind of damages or breakages are responsibility of Longbell.

Express Delivery:

We can promise you the relatively best in time possible delivery. We can guarantee the 25 day delivery, provided there are no scope design modifications in between. And site will be made ready according to our checklist.

Frequently Asked Questions

We aim high at being focused on building relationships with our clients and community.

Yes, we can customize your house as per the design and the dimensions. Any dimension can be designed accordingly. Our expert will reach you out. And will visualize things in a 3D model.
Quotation doesn't include all electrical, plumbing, tiling appliances and granite. Quote will be up on the actuals.
We do offer high range of flexibility and the same will be adjusted in the quotation.
We don't charge for design inputs. We can help you out in selection and finalizing the design.
We take 3-5 Days to install complete House.
After finalizing the house interior concept we shall give you the 3D model and we don't charge any extra amount for it.
We expect flooring tiling and at least first co at of painting is done. Our team will use electricity and make sure of the availability of power inputs. Arrange the necessary permission to enter (If required).
We have a specific catalogue and can manufacture any specific product from the list.
Yes, We do provide you the corporate discounts on the possible note. We can guarantee you the best quotation for the bulk order in this niche.
We currently deliver in Bangalore. For specific projects, we also deliver in rest of Bangalore.