Living & Dining

Living & Dining

Combination of harmonious elegant and fitment can create a better living space. Upon adding the taste and personality flavored of the person who uses it will the best Interior design for Living room. There are endless ideas and ways to decorate and design a living room. But we need to start it with the basic question: what do you want to use for it?

It can be a place for a social gathering or place to watch a TV. This is the place where living happens. So before buying a furniture and finalizing the parts we need to settle with functional needs. And from here interior design for living rooms initiates.

If you need some inspiration for a living room design. Our website provides you the images and ideas. We are also open for customized interior design for living room.

We suggest you some popular interior living design ideas like, Country style living room, Minimalist living room, Classic living rooms, Rustic style living room and modern Living rooms.

Living room interior


All our living room interior designed furniture comes with 5 years of warranty for any manufacturing defects. Hinges runners drawers and all accessories come under life time warranty from respective brand. Any manufacturing defects, breakages or damage before installation are responsibility of Longbell.

Express Delivery:

We can promise you the relatively best in time possible delivery. We can guarantee the 25 day delivery, provided there are no scope design modifications in between. And site will be made ready according to our checklist.

Frequently Asked Questions

We aim high at being focused on building relationships with our clients and community.

Yes, we can customize as per the real dimensions of the Living room, please leave your Living room details in the form or contact us for the designer appointment. And our expert will reach you out. Will provide you sample fitment and assembly design as per you hose dimensions.
These can happen in two ways like, our team designers will suggest you the best possible material for living room furniture. Or you can choose with Plywood, Pre-laminated M.D.F, and Pre laminated particle board. We will give you a varied range of brands to choose on.
Yes. We do offer a wide range of colors. Come up with your imaginations and we shall workout here. We can suggest you a best possible living room interior.
Price doesn't include plumbing, electrical, appliances, tiling and granite. Quote for them will be on actuals.
You can change any accessories and the same will be adjusted in the living room interior quotation.
Longbell won't charge for any design inputs. Our team will suggest you the best possible design.
After finalizing the living room interior concept we shall give you the 3D model and we don't charge any extra amount for it.
Client need to ensure the tiling flooring and at least first coat of paint to be done. Our team will be using power to assemble the things. So, we expect the minimal power supply to finish the work without any hurdles.