We are full service interior design agency, able to accommodate your needs by handling any or all of these details: space planning; furniture purchases; custom designed millwork and cabinetry; specialty floor, wall, or ceiling treatments; solving design challenges of existing space (strange layouts, acoustical problems, visual privacy challenges) and more!

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Today’s work environments need to balance efficiency, productivity and technology with health, safety and sustainability. Interiors need to be highly functional and strategically designed to encourage interaction while offering various levels of privacy.

We are passionate about understanding the essence of your vision, and we handle the thousands of details to make it all come together successfully.

You’ll love working with us. We work diligently to deliver what you want most; well-crafted, thoughtfully conceived, beautiful spaces. The products we recommend will be perfect for your unique office culture, whether you run a sophisticated financial investment firm, a hip & edgy sports management business, a small franchise, or anything in between.



All our kitchen interior furniture comes with a 5-year warranty for any manufacturing defects. it includes very specific parts like hinges runners sliders drawer system and many such comes under life time warranty of respective company. Any kind of damages or breakages are responsibility of Longbell.


Express Delivery

Modular kitchen delivery and installation involves, arrangement fitment assembly and adjustment. The 25 day delivery guarantee is valid, provided there are no changes in the design in between. Site will be ready as per the drafted checklist. Price doesn't include any labor work like plumbing, electrical, tiling and granite.

Frequently Asked Questions

We aim high at being focused on building relationships with our clients and community.

Do you customize the office interior design as per the dimension of the Site?
Yes, we can customize as per the real dimensions of the corporate space, please leave your office dimension details in the form or contact us for the designer appointment. And our expert will reach you out. Will provide you sample fitment and assembly design as per your office dimensions.
What kind of materials do you use for office furniture?
These can happen in two ways like, our team designers will suggest you the best possible material for office furniture. Or you can choose with plywood and pre-laminated boards and MDF. We will give you a varied range of brands to choose on.
Do you offer more option in colors for office interior design?
Yes, We do offer a wide range of colors. Come up with your imaginations and we shall workout here.We can suggest you a best possible office space interior.
What are the exclusion in the office interior quote?
Price doesn't include plumbing, electrical, appliances, tiling and granite. Quote for them will be on actuals.
Can I change the office interior accessories or furniture?
You can change any accessories and the same will be adjusted in the office interior quotation.
Do you charge for office interior design inputs?
Longbell wont çharge for any design inputs. Our team will suggest you the best possible design.
Do you give us a 3 D model. Or Do you charge extra for 3 D model?
After finalizing the office interior concept we shall give you the 3D model and we don't charge any extra amount for it.
What would be the normal office interior setup time?
We take 2 Days to install the setup.
What are all things required from client to have the site ready for the installation?
Client need to ensure the tiling flooring and at least first coat of paint to be done. Our team will be using power to assemble the things. So we expect the minimal power supply to finish the work without any hurdles.